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Red Monkey
Date Submitted: May 11, 2017, 8:38 am GMT
Last Updated: May 12, 2017, 8:25 pm GMT
Submitted By: ex marks the spot (member since May 11, 2017)
Name: Red Monkey
State/Province: New Jersey
Logo: Paul Frank Monkey, no score line on back
Colour: Red with specks of white
Shape: Round
Texture: Smooth, easily broken up
Edges: Flat, no bevels
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Unfortunately, with the only picture I have of the red monkeys, I didn't realize the press was face down. I can say 100% though that it looked exactly like the one I uploaded on here, but there were more speckles of white. The press is the exact same though

Took two of these at about 11 pm last night and I am experiencing some pretty bad insomnia. I took 5-htp and felt fine before, but now that my body's tired, I'm wide eyed. I normally stay up late a lot
Suspected Contents: MDxx + other
Rating: MDxx Low
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: I didn't test the red monkey before I consumed it because I have no testing kit (ordered one earlier in the night) and my sister told me she tried them and they weren't too strong but it still made her feel some type of way (took 2 over a 4 hour period with a low tolerance) I know, I know, I'm dumb for not testing it first, but a lot of people wanted it and I would never give anyone something without testing or consuming it first so I know I'm not giving anyone a deadly cocktail. I first took the red monkey last week, and since I hadn't done EX at all for the 3 years prior to this, I started with a half:

5:31 pm- took 1/2 of the pill. Had a bitter taste.

6:15 pm- wasn't feeling anything at all so took another 1/2

6:35 pm- Started to feel my body get a sense of relaxation

7:00 pm- started to become very talkative but not much else

8:00 pm- took a whole one

8:20 pm- Started to feel the euphoric effects that MDMA had always given me in the past

9:00 pm- the euphoria was short lived but my body felt lighter than a piece of paper. Also experienced some wavy visuals. Nothing too intense

10:00-11:30 pm- my body still felt amazing but nothing else

12:30 am- went to sleep and slept for 9 hours and it felt like the best night of sleep I've ever had

All in all it was simply just okay. No come down, I felt normal after the fact. My body stopped feeling so light, but I still felt so good physically for 3 days after the fact. I'm thinking, from past experience, it's definitely MDMA but not clean and not strong at all. Even to someone with a low tolerance (me) 2 pills was barely enough to make me a feel a little good. I'm not putting a warning on this because the specific batch I had was okay. But, there are a lot of bad batches of all colored monkeys going around New Jersey (so I've heard,) so if you are going to get any of the monkeys, make sure you be safe and test it first. I think I was lucky enough not to get a dangerous batch. If you guys have a clue about what else could be in this based on what I said, or if you have any questions that I didn't address in this, just let me know! I would love to at least get an idea of what I put in my body since I really don't have the slightest clue. Will update in 2-3 days with test results.

EVEN THOUGH THE BATCH I HAD WAS OKAY, THERE ARE STILL A LOT OF BAD BATCHES ALL OVER IN EVERY COLOR. That's why I'm putting a warning on this now. I know people in upstate New York getting bad batches, and I also know people in the San Diego area who are getting bad batches. I'm not saying don't get the Paul Frank monkeys because there are obviously decent batches if I got one. Just test everything you get guys, it's always your best bet.

Stay safe guys
Pill Report: Red Monkey
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