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Pink Redbull
Date Submitted: April 20, 2017, 8:41 am GMT
Last Updated: April 20, 2017, 8:48 am GMT
Submitted By: jj5678 (member since December 22, 2015)
Name: Pink Redbull
State/Province: Queensland
Logo: Redbull
Colour: Pink
Shape: rectangle
Height: 12.0 mm
Width: 7.0 mm
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Big pink advertisement for the company that likes people to go hard
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: My partner and I like strong pills so we were excited to try these. We don't test pills, so there are no results to share. We had both eaten about 15hrs before, and smoked a little weed but not a lot. My partner had consumed some champagne, myself a few scotches. Neither of us were inebriated. We had not dropped for months so our heads were in good shape. We consumed them at home, but travelled outdoors and also interacted easily with straight people during it.

The pills were well pressed with a crisp logo and break line, and they had a slight aniseed scent to them. They are a very bright pink colour and when split they halved without any crumble. Supplier stated that they were around the 270mg mark but who knows.

We dropped our first one each at 7.30pm, and expected the come on to take a while, but were taken by surprise when we could both feel the initial effects after only 20mins. Within 45mins we were starting to feel very warm and fuzzy, talkative and relaxed.

The pill seemed to gain strength for about the next hour and we talked and talked. We could barely wipe the grins of our faces and there was some serious teeth grinding and jaw clenching happening. There was a real lack of warmth to the feeling though if that makes sense? It felt like the pill was just about to move to top gear constantly but after 2hrs of waiting we both decided to drop another.

The second pill failed to take us anywhere different though, and even after moving to the bedroom, the feel was off. It felt like it was desperately trying to take us to that nuclear glow zone that we normally experience with pills of this calibre but empathy and affection almost felt forced and uncomfortable.

Perhaps we were trying to force the pill to take us somewhere it wasn't going to and missing it's natural vibe?
We both decided to just clear our heads and relax. We slowed down and changed location, changed the music, changed our sex. It worked a little, but ultimately it was disappointing. Erections were easy to get and maintain on the roll, even at their peak, and ejaculation was no worry either surprisingly. My wife's orgasm total was good but not record breaking, and she said she had no problems getting to the big O what-so-ever either. The sex was decidedly more intimate and sensual compared to our last few sessions on beans like Snapchats, Teslas and Pink Flugals.

We dropped another pill each at about 1am and it sorta stayed in the same zone. We had no visuals at all on these, audible or visual even when we explored different areas and environments such as the garden or when we went to the shops for a bottle of Ginger Ale. Our faces were really worked over though, very sore jaws and eyes.

Around 5am we stopped fooling around and decided to drop the last of them which was unwarranted but we are pigs.
She went downhill a little, stating her stomach hurt a bit - but was unsure if it was from the sex or the pills. She nodded off to sleep shortly after having a few joints. My last pill kept me buzzing around but in a sort of annoying way and i just watched TV.

They were definitely strong pills, but I can't personally recommend them as they just didn't stack up to the last few I've had of equal or similar strength. Perhaps it was just us, but something felt off.
Pill Report: Pink Redbull
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Posted on April 20, 2017, 12:23 pm GMT by garygroundwork (member since October 4, 2016)
Great write up mate. I definitely agree with it hitting extremely quickly, the second one not taking the high anywhere and at no stage did I feel real horny. But I really enjoyed these.
Posted on May 1, 2017, 1:41 pm GMT by techroll (member since August 23, 2016)
I have the same feelings as mentioned in your conclusion. Decent bean but not compared to competitor imports.