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Date Submitted: April 10, 2017, 4:05 pm GMT
Last Updated: April 10, 2017, 4:42 pm GMT
Submitted By: lowlife (member since May 7, 2010)
Name: DHL
State/Province: Melbourne
Logo: DHL logo
Colour: Red
Shape: Rectangular
Texture: Firm/chalky
Edges: Beveled
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Hello friends :-)

This pill appears to be quite a firm, clean press.. Easy to break but a chalky texture when scraped.
Red-ish/pink in colour, both sides are pressed with the DHL logo and are beveled.

Reagents results are clockwise from bottom left to right-

Marquis- Dark purple > black from 2-3sec onwards, overall reaction at 8-9sec

Mandelin- Pretty much the same as Marquis

Mecke- Bluey/green > very dark blue/black from 4sec, overall reaction at 7-8sec

Simons- When buffer added, quick change to light blue > royal blue from 2-3sec

Robatest- When buffer added, no changed from observation. Colour pictured from pill/dye I would assume

As I was just testing for a friend, I probably won't be trying these myself. However, feel free to add your own user reports in the comments!
Hope everyone has been staying safe! :-)
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: Tested Only
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Mandelin Reagent: Black
Marquis Reagent: Black
Mecke Reagent: Black
Robadope Reagent: No Reaction
Simons Reagent: Blue
Consumed: no
Pill Report: DHL
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Posted on April 11, 2017, 5:06 am GMT by deerop (member since July 13, 2015)
Anyone know much about these and/or strength. From what I can tell they are being pressed in Aus.
These and UPS shields (purple, red, orange) have been making the rounds down south. Havent consumed personally but am confident all contain MDMA.
Posted on April 11, 2017, 11:03 am GMT by watership (member since December 1, 2007)
What makes you think these pills are being pressed in Aus?
Posted on April 12, 2017, 12:25 am GMT by deerop (member since July 13, 2015)
A few reasons.
UPS is definitely not imports, not original colours.
The red UPS & DHL are almost identical in colour, leading me to believe it is the same crew pressing them.
Both presses are going for no more than standard roundies.
The volume that they are getting around down here.
Strength, have heard a couple of reports but nothing close to a 200mg+ experience like most of the true imports give.

Dont get me wrong, this report could be done on an import, but there is someone pumping out alot of copies atm it seems.