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Gold Bar
Date Submitted: March 16, 2017, 7:54 pm GMT
Last Updated: March 16, 2017, 8:01 pm GMT
Submitted By: buhzin (member since March 16, 2017)
Name: Gold Bar
State/Province: São Paulo / São Paulo
Logo: Gold
Colour: White
Shape: Rectangular
Texture: High Pressed
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: Very good stuf in SP
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Hi my friends.

I created this user to report this VERY GOOD pill.
I's my first report, my english is very bad.
Sorry brothers.

I didn't take a photo of the pill, so i used a photo that i belive is the same pill.

Ok i went to a techno undergorund party here at São Paulo and took 2 of those pills.

1am: i took 1 pill

1:30am: i started to feel the pill came.

2am: te effects realy started here, i felt very happy, with amount of energy, i stared to dance and canot stop.

I felt: amount of energy, i started to talking with random people, i literally lost control of my mouth (this always happen with me when i took good pills), i felt veeeeeeeeery good energy, musica was soooo goood, i was like in the paradise hahahaha.

6am the effects started to get down, i took another pill (let's dance more hahahahahaha)

14am the efects stoped anda i went to home.

I didn't use a reagent test, but my friends, this shit realy have amount of MDMA.

Someone have the same felling with those pills?

Please comment here, and never stop dance!!!!!
Pill Report: Gold Bar
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Posted on May 2, 2017, 6:01 pm GMT by thalesks (member since May 2, 2017)
I took this pill in Santa Catarina, they were very bad pressed. It was very soft to break.
There is no evidence of Cristals of MDMA. Probably is derived from national production.
People around here say that this pill is pure coke.


02:00 am : took half pill
02:20 am: start kicking, feel happy, rlxed
03:30 am : start come down took another half
04:00 am: start kicking again
05:00 am: slow down

Another TRIP I took 1 pill entire. Felt vesical retention, couldn't piss for hours. It was very bad. If you took this took just half of each time that is my advice.
Posted on May 7, 2017, 3:08 pm GMT by bornatubby (Administrator)
There is almost a 0% chance a pill contains coke.

Sounds like you consumed an mdma pill to me buddy.

Posted on May 9, 2017, 1:36 pm GMT by soundsgood (member since May 9, 2017)
I took this pill several times and its definitely mdma, unless you've got the fake ones, which can happen frequently in our country (unfortunately).
Posted on May 20, 2017, 10:24 pm GMT by ramzola (member since August 14, 2010)
Hi Guys. I have tried at least 3 versions of the white gold:
- original with breakline kicked ASS! Probably 180mg and above
- version 2 : weak. Thinner than above
- third version : fatter like the original but with the "199.99" on the back.

Have not tried the third but hoping I can report tonight.

Also there is a grey tesla around in São Paulo. Have not tested.